Finca LA AZUL Finca La Azul, house of guests, propose to give a simple and sensitive experience: that of the mountain, the vines, and the azur open sky that surrounds us.


At home, you will meet with some details that point to preserve a sustainable place.
While the building and remodelation time, we decided to protect home from both, cold and heat, for what were built thicken walls and double glasses were installed to help the log heat system. This heaters allow us to heat more surface, saving around 40% of log and less CO2 emission. The double glass permit us savings both in summer and winter. Also, the stone and the sand that build the house, are just from this place, our Finca.

At home we keep on cooking like always: enjoying the meal in family, that is what we are: a union of cultures that are part of our genes, the spanish, the italian, the arabian: the criolla. We cook with products carefully grown here in our garden. We share, so, the nature that surrounds us and that invite to reflex about the sense of being here, of being breathing.



All our rooms are looking to the great protagonist of this story, the Andes mountains.

Services & Activities

  • 24hr Reception
  • WIFI + IP Phoning
  • Led TV with satellite programming
  • Air conditioning
  • Convection heating with wood burning heaters
  • Amenities
  • Tastings
  • Recorrer nuestra finca
  • Argentinian Classical Literature Library
  • Social & Executive Events

The Cave

Just a special place for a private tasting or a romantic date at earth's womb. It is recommended to reserve on advance.


The first time I remember to have seen these lands, I was just a child, and the arid ground, stony and full of down and dispersed shrubs seemed to me the vastest desert I could ever imagine. The yellow of the sand and the grey of the stones contrasted
with the light blue of the sky, and his variations: from pure blue at afternoon or the black and starry one of the night, to the fuchsias and oranges colors of dawn and dusk. The colors remain, but today the Uco Valley, and specially the zone of Agua Amarga, as we know it here, has changed his landscape drastically.
Where before were furrows and
mud pits full of water trying to calm the ferrous weather, now complex irrigation systems and espaliers full of bunches are seen. I was chosen to live that change, to see the landscape changing gradually. Maybe that's why, in my opinion, in this land remains the freshness or an orchard and plus, it has learned to incorporate the magnificence of a palace.
That's maybe my story, today, that, as all ones, is repeating itself. One hundred years before, my grandfather, Francisco Hinojosa, was arriving here, and I imagine he landing here and seeing the landscape a way similar to mine, just more desert, totally abandoned, without aborigines…

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La Finca

Finca La Azul lays in the declined soil that Cordón del Plata generates, facing East to the Corredor Productivo Route (RNXX, at 1000 meters above sea level) and West to the Wine Ways route (RN89, at 1300 meters above sea level). The Las Tunas brook, that pass meters by the Finca, irrigates within its channel all the zone, while gently goes down, turbid, following the same decline. If in 1991 this Finca was just a handful of vines,
and now Shirley has accomplished her dream: to keep planting till cover all the surface of the land, up to the Wine Ways, which was, at that time, just a dirty ground street. To the first grapes of Bonarda and Pedro Jiménez varieties, we added a diversity of white and red varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noire, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

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Consultas y Reservas: +54 9261 5883379 / +54 9261 5332884

Para almuerzos y degustaciones en Restó y Bodega La Azul: +54 9 2622 60-3443 (sólo WhatsApp)



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Arriving to La Azul

Go through RN40 and RP86 till RP89.
1.From city center, take Av. Gobernador Ricardo Videla (Costanera) in south direction: 5km. aprox.
2.Take exit to RN40 to your right.
3.Continue on RN40: 31.3km.
4.Take exit to RP86 to your right: 1km.
5.Go through RP86: 37km.
6.Turn to your right, take the RP89: 14km.
7.Look to your left:


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