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The first time I remember to have seen these lands, I was just a child, and the arid ground, stony and full of down and dispersed shrubs seemed to me the vastest desert I could ever imagine. The yellow of the sand and the grey of the stones contrasted with the light blue of the sky, and his variations: from pure blue at afternoon or the black and starry one of the night, to the fuchsias and oranges colors of dawn and dusk. The colors remain, but today the Uco Valley, and specially the zone of Agua Amarga, as we know it here, has changed his landscape drastically.

Where before were furrows and mud pits full of water trying to calm the ferrous weather, now complex irrigation systems and espaliers full of bunches are seen. I was chosen to live that change, to see the landscape changing gradually. Maybe that’s why, in my opinion, in this land remains the freshness or an orchard and plus, it has learned to incorporate the magnificence of a palace. That’s maybe my story, today, that, as all ones, is repeating itself. One hundred years before, my grandfather, Francisco Hinojosa, was arriving here, and I imagine he landing here and seeing the landscape a way similar to mine, just more desert, totally abandoned, without aborigines habiting it, already withdraw at the other side of the Andes, and without plantations that take advantage of the particular oasis climate: of high heat days and really cold nights.

I tend to think that was my grandpa, Francisco, “El Pichón”, the one who dazzle at first, as I dazzle nowadays. And was he who started to grow vineyards in this hard soil, trusting that the vines will adapt perfectly to the inclemency of our weather. The days passed and El Pichón, as the time passed by, also, over his body, couldn’t afford any more to work on the Finca, and he decided to divide

the land between his four daughters and his son, choosing for each sector of the land now divided a color. Yes, my mother was given the blue one, the azur, the color of the sky that then we choose as name. Nowadays, Shirley Hinojosa, daughter of Pichón and mother of my two brothers, Alejandro and Ezequiel, and me, is the conductor of this agricole project, which is dedicated to the caring of vineyards and fruit plants as peaches and plums. The same soil that in 1991 was an empty open field, and just somewhat 20 hectares of vines, today is a long grown land populated, not only by plants, but also by families and technological elements such as water pipes and engines that encourages the irrigation system, sticks and wires that sustain the anti-hail meshes, and other technological elements that, in XXI century, give an intense care to the plants, impossible to think at times “El Pichón” was living with us, and that helps us on every day work.

Although with a strong bet to the agricole production, we destinate a part of our grapes, the best of them, to make our own wine, produced at Bodega La Azul, installed at the West of the Finca, working since 2003, and also completed with a Restaurant of Criollo Food, leaded by Ezequiel, my middle brother, since 2011.

So, it is an honour for us to start this new cycle that represents Finca La Azul, House of Guests; an intimate space in the heart of the Finca, between vineyards and fruit plants, and next to our own home, destined simply to the joy of our guests. Shirley, who lives and works today in the Finca will be waiting for you, to receive you in this her cozy rooms, to talk about wine, to drink it, to taste it, to enjoy of the landscape, or, simply, to offer you her home.

Tomás Augusto Fadel Hinojosa